About Us

We’re a non-profit organization geared towards expanding our hobby and showing the educational and social value in all types of games located in the Sioux City, IA tri-state area.  We run conventions in South Sioux City, NE and game days in Sioux City proper.  We have no affiliation with any other game organization.  Tri-State Gamers do go to the events of other nearby conventions and groups whenever they can.

Tri-State Gamers was formed by members of the Sioux City chapter of MAGE (Midwest Area Game Enthusiasts) to better focus on gaming in the Sioux City area and to more efficiently run and grow their Conventions.  We have no affiliation with MAGE.

President: Mark Wilson
Vice President: Charles Themm
Officers:  Jordan Gibson, Matthew Thoene, Ryan Coenen
Kid’s Corner Director: Katy Themm
Anime Event Director: Corey Lee Meth
Artist Coordinator: Fredd Gorham