Important Tri-Con Spring 2019 Info!!!!

Tri-Con Spring 2019 is MARCH 15th-17th this year! Unfortunately we had to move it up to March due to some circumstances beyond our control. We apologize to anyone inconvenienced by this! That being said, all the info is at 

We will have Envoy State Championships for Nebraska instead of the normal Regionals. The Regionals will return next year! Our friends at Great Plains Game Festival will be hosting the Regionals this year, the week after our convention!

Pre-Registration is open and we need GMs. You can sign-up on there! E-mail if you have any questions!


Tri-Con Fall 2017 Info

Tri-Con Fall 2017

We’re BACK at the Marina Inn! 4 DAYS of GAMING!

September 1st – 4th 2017 (Labor Day Weekend)
Where: Marina Inn Hotel & Conference Center
385 E 4th St
South Sioux City, NE 68776

Friday 9/1/2017 – Registration Opens at Noon, Gaming – 1 PM to 1 AM
Saturday 9/2/2017 – Registration Opens at 8 AM, Gaming 9 AM to 1 AM
Sunday 9/3/2017 – Registration Opens at 8 AM, Gaming 9 AM to 1 AM
Monday 9/4/2017 – Free Day!  Gaming 9 AM to 7 PM

Tri-Con has two game conventions a year, Spring and Fall.  We are a non-profit run organization and our game conventions feature board games, card games, historical, miniatures, Roleplaying, Anime, Live Action, video games and more.

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