Featured Event – Firefly the Board Game


Firefly the Game from Gale Force Nine will be hosted by Dave Glewwe three different times during the convention and will be run with it’s expansions.

Firefly is based on the TV series of the same name.  It also had a sequel that was a movie, called Serenity.  The basic premise of the board game is the same as the TV series.  You’re managing your Firefly class ship and crew trying to make ends made in a harsh universe.  Along the way you’ll pick up plenty of jobs, missions, and lots of backstabbing and danger.  There are a lot of choices to be made.

This game was the surprise hit of last Gen Con and drew a lot of buzz.  If you haven’t gotten a chance, sign-up for it before it fills up.  With 3 times to choose from, you should be able to find one that suits your fancy.  It is an extremely well produced game that immerses you in a dark and dangerous universe.  If you want to learn to play before the Con, watch the video below:


Featured Event of the Day – Heroes of Metro City

Luke Johnson will be running Heroes of Metro City on Friday evening starting at 5 PM.  Here’s a brief preview of the game!


Heroes of Metro City is a deck-building card/board game in which each player represents a super-powered Hero of his own design who must stop their Archenemy’s nefarious plan to destroy Metro City. Devastate your enemies with thousands of possibilities and choices for your character. The base game includes over twenty explosive Power cards and many iconic Energy Sources, and a randomized subset of these will be selected for each game. It’s an exciting array of possibilities for your customized super-powered Hero.

Heroes of Metro City uses dynamic deck-building combined with unique Energy Source slots to create a power management mechanism (using your Hero Placard) that lets you decide which powers and abilities are most important for each turn. The Hero Placard also helps to guide you through the six phases of each turn.

To succeed, the Heroes must do battle with hordes of Minions, diabolical Villains, and the Archenemy who leads them! The more Energy and Powers a Hero develops, the closer he gets to defeating their Archenemy. The first player to defeat the Archenemy wins the game…unless the Archenemy destroys so much of Metro City that there’s nothing left to save!

Just so you can be prepared ahead of time, here’s a link to a video to show you how to play!



Sioux City MAGE Chapter to Become Tri-State Gamers

The Sioux City Chapter of MAGE has elected to form their own non-profit organization and has filed it’s paperwork to become one.  Tri-State Gamers will now be running the current conventions in South Sioux City.  MAGE Con South 31 will be the last MAGE Sponsored convention in Sioux City.  After that, the name of the conventions will become Tri-Con Spring and Tri-Con Fall.  The timeframes of said events will remain the same every year.  We hope to better focus on our Sioux City Tri-State Area community to continue to expand our hobby for all to enjoy.  We hope you’ll continue to attend events in the Sioux City metro area.