Features & Special Events

Here is a list of features and special events for this Convention!

Board Game Library: There are always several shelves of board games and card games available.  We try to have something for all ages and do our best to have some of the newest/hottest titles if we can.  No matter what, you’ll find plenty here.  Sometimes someone may be available to teach games.

Society in Shadow Live Action:  This is a living Larp set in the world of Society in Shadow. Come play an Expressed, supernatural being living in the shadows and protecting humanity from things even more horrifying than the Expressed.”

This is an all weekend long event. See the schedule for specific times. Players are welcome to come and go as they please and are not required to be in game the entire time.

Kids Corner: A fun space for kids of all ages. We’ll have games, books, and toys, as well as snacks. Come check it out. We have events running all weekend, along with a kid-friendly game library for anyone to check out from. You can play a game or two with your own little gamer, or let them stay and play at any of our scheduled events. Remember, kids 10 and under get free admission. Adult supervision at all times by Con Staff. Hope to see you there!


Vendors: We will have numerous vendors at our Convention as well as Artists and Game Designers.  Currently, our vendors are superb and provide great service.  If you have any inquiries about attending conventions as a vendor, please e-mail markwilson1978@outlook.com for more info.  

Open Gaming:  Open gaming is not only supported at our conventions, it is encouraged.  We have a schedule posted on each table, if nobody will be using it for awhile, feel free to play a game there.  Just make sure to clean-up after yourself and make sure you’re done an hour before the next scheduled event.


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