Featured Event of the Day – Advanced Squad Leader


This year marks the 31st year of ASL at MAGE Con/Sioux City Con, which runs from 10 am til Midnight on Saturday of the Con.  So what is ASL and what has made it able to stand the test of time?

ASL is a hex and counter based wargame based in World War 2.  Many have called it the most realistic and complete squad level game system ever created.  As close to perfect as you can get.  Which is a pretty big accomplishment in a world where something bigger and better is released every week it seems.

A lot of people used to complain about the learning curve of Advanced Squad Leader.  However, when Multi Man Publishing took over the right to publish it several years ago, the introduced kits that slowly introduce you to the rules.  You can buy Starter Kit #1 to get your feet wet, then when you’re ready, dive into Starter Kit #2.  This has helped introduce many new people to the game and has been a success for MMP.

This year, as always, there are prizes on the line and fun to be had.  Burnie Hegdahl heads up the event and Larry Zoet (who is one of our vendors, Hell on Wheels) provides great support.  Truly a premier event that we’re proud to have and hope to continue for years to come!  Just ask Larry about ASL if you’re interested in getting started, he will not steer you wrong!



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