Guest of Honor – David Glewwe


Going forward, Tri-State Gamers is honored to have David Glewwe as a Guest of Honor at Tri-Con. He will definitely be at Tri-Con Spring 2015 and has several events already on the schedule.

To say that David Glewwe has been important to gaming in this area would be an understatement. Dave has been supporting local conventions for years and been a staple. His events have become legendary, the Bar Room Brawl has elicited many stories over the years. So we want to thank Dave by making him a Guest of Honor.

At Tri-Con Spring 2015, Dave will be teaching people Flames of War Miniatures on Friday night. So stop by if you want to learn, he’ll be glad to show you and help you pick it up. Then on Saturday, all out war breaks loose in the Flames of War Tournament! Following that you can dust of your space boots and go for an adventure in Firefly the Board Game. Sunday afternoon sees the return of the legendary Bar Room Brawl and then he tops off the convention with the classic(?) board game Slumlord!


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