Tri-State Gamers Donates $1000 to Food Bank of Siouxland

Vice-President of Tri-State Gamers, Charles Themm presents a check for $1000 to the Food Bank
Vice-President of Tri-State Gamers, Charles Themm presents a check for $1000 to the Food Bank

Thanks to a successful charity auction at MAGE Con South 31, Tri-State Gamers was able to donate $1000 to the Food Bank of Siouxland.  To help put this in perspective, a $1 donation equals 13 pounds of food for the Food Bank thanks to their networking.  That’s over 6 TONS of food!

September is also Hunger Awareness month, so we have perfect timing.  Our donation comes at a time when the Food Bank and the people of Sioux City really need it.  So thanks to everyone for making this happen!  This is what happens when the gaming community comes together and does something great!

Visit for more info on how you can help!


Final Gaming Schedule & Onsite Book!

All the information you could possibly need is now here!  To say we’re stoked for a great weekend of gaming would be a huge understatement!  Thanks to all of our GMs who are putting in their time, our vendors and guests and attendees.  You still have until Thursday morning to reserve your seat at a game!  Just click on this link and follow the instructions!  We can’t wait to see you all!

MAGE Con South 31 Final Onsite Booklet DOWNLOAD HERE PDF
Download Time Line Version of Events  PDF | Excel   (Excel version is recommended)


Featured Event – Society in Shadow LARP


This is a living Larp set in the world of Society in Shadow. Come play an Expressed, supernatural being living in the shadows and protecting humanity from things even more horrifying than the Expressed.

This is an all weekend long event. Game starts at 5pm Friday to 2am Saturday. Game resumes at 12pm Saturday until 2am Sunday. Sunday game starts at 12pm concluding at 4pm. Players are welcome to come and go as they please and are not required to be in game the entire time.

The Game HQ (Headquarters) will be in the main convention hall this time (this has changed from years past!), but most of the action will take place in the Marina Inn itself.  There are several Salon Rooms reserved for it on the second floor near Kahills.  If you have any questions about this, stop by the HQ and ask a Game Official about it!