Featured Event – Society in Shadow LARP


This is a living Larp set in the world of Society in Shadow. Come play an Expressed, supernatural being living in the shadows and protecting humanity from things even more horrifying than the Expressed.

This is an all weekend long event. Game starts at 5pm Friday to 2am Saturday. Game resumes at 12pm Saturday until 2am Sunday. Sunday game starts at 12pm concluding at 4pm. Players are welcome to come and go as they please and are not required to be in game the entire time.

The Game HQ (Headquarters) will be in the main convention hall this time (this has changed from years past!), but most of the action will take place in the Marina Inn itself.  There are several Salon Rooms reserved for it on the second floor near Kahills.  If you have any questions about this, stop by the HQ and ask a Game Official about it!


Library Game Day this Weekend! GenCon Pre-Release!

Don’t forget, we have a game day at the Morningside Public Library in Garretson Room this Saturday (8/9/2014) running from 10:30 to 4:30.  I will have a special pre-release demo of a game called Livestock Uprising that won’t be available until GenCon!  So if you want to try it before anyone else has it, come check it out.  I’ll start demoing at 11 am!

As always, Jason Rosauer runs Pathfinder for all comers are 1 PM!  Always a blast for your RPG fans!  Plenty of other pick-up games and other things to do as well!

With the Convention right around the Corner, now is the perfect time to run some games you’re needing to brush up on.  Best of all, it’s absolutely free!  Join the event on Facebook!


Event of the Day: Pathfinder Society Events

Pathfinder Society

Do you still wish you had more of the world of 3.5 for role play?  Does your dragon still have a few hit points left?  Then Pathfinder might be just right for you!

Pathfinder, made by Paizo, Inc., is based off one of the world’s most popular role play systems 3.5.  It can be ran as home campaigns, adventure paths that can be purchased at your local game store, or games through Pathfinder Society Organized play.

Pathfinder Society Organized play is Paizo’s sanctioned version of the game.  It can be ran privately in your house, at local game stores, public locations, and at game conventions.  The games can either be in the form of shorter scenarios, all day modules, or even some adventure paths made to last several weeks or even months.  A character’s information is recorded and carries over, so you can bring the same character to any society organized event and continue to play him.  Society scenarios are setup as a form of the society needing help, posting word about this, and the players coming to the aid for the session.  With that, players aren’t required to attend a series of scenarios as they don’t usually relate to one another, which works well for people with busy schedules.

At M.A.G.E. Con South 31, there are currently 25 scheduled tables of Pathfinder Society with product support and character creation assistance available.  Players can find more about the scenarios played by visiting the scheduled events on this website, as well feel free to learn more about Pathfinder at www.paizo.com

Also, if you want to learn the basics, check out the YouTube playlist below: