Upcoming Events & Info

Saturday October 10th (10:30 – 4:30) – Morningside Public Library
– D&D Adventures League will be in action!
– Maze Runner Splash – come try out a demo of an amazing new game from Fox Mind Games on its Release Day!  Any time during the game day!

Sunday  October 18th (Noon – 6pm)- Games King
– Asmoplay Splendor Tournament – Playmats/Upgraded Gem Chips/Noble Tiles!  No entrance fee!
– Pathfinder Adventure Card Game with Jason Rosauer
– Beeeees! prototype game by Omaha Designer Marcus Ross will be ran by Katy Themm

Tri-Con Spring 2016
April 1st – 3rd @ the Howard Johnson
Rooms will be $59 once again, more information in the upcoming months


Tri-Con Fall 2015 Vital Info!


Tri-Con Fall 2015

September 4th – 7th, 2015

Where: The Howard Johnson (Formerly the Sioux City Hotel)
707 4th St
Sioux City, IA

Friday 9/4/2015 – Registration Opens at Noon, Gaming – 1 PM to 2 AM
Saturday 9/5/2015 – Registration Opens at 8 AM, Gaming 9 AM to 2 AM
Sunday 9/6/2015 – Registration Opens at 8 AM, Gaming 9 AM to 2 AM
Monday 9/7/2015 – Free Day, Gaming 9 AM to 8 PM

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Tri-Con Spring 2015 Program Guide Now Available!

We save on paper and costs by making the program guide downloadable.  We’ll post QR codes in the Con Hall in case you need to download the guide on the fly.

The preliminary guide is available today!  So check it out!  We have some spots available for ads in the guide if you’re interested.  Contact me on Facebook or e-mail markwilson1978@outlook.com

Here it is!  Tri-Con Spring 2015 Program Book